Emuparadise.org's self-appointed mascot: Samus from the Metroid franchise.

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"We like to think of ourselves as a group dedicated to bringing an extraordinary gaming experience closer to you. Emuparadise is about gaming, and everything that it encompasses will have something to do with all the good times we have with video games.

More than anything else, emuparadise focuses on emulation and the technologies that converge to bring your days-gone-by gaming experiences back into the forefront of your lives.

Ever wanted to play a game you used to as a kid ? Ever wanted to listen to that awesome track you heard in a game ? Ever saw a Japanese game that you wished was in English so that you could play it?

Emuparadise is a time machine, that will take you back in time to the glorious past, right to the advent of video game technology and bring you from there through the ups and downs of gaming history to the present genre."

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